The 10 sectors poised to grow with the rise of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Like most Crypto enthusiasts I have been spending a lot of time digesting as much information as possible about the crypto ecosystem in hopes of learning its intricacies and to see where there are opportunities to make a contribution. With so many rabbit holes and projects going on, it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. That’s why I decided to take a few steps back and attempt to outline the sectors where I believe there will be the most growth and opportunities as crypto continues rise in interest.

In sharing this, I hope others will shout out if I missed anything glaring. If so, please add your thoughts in the comments below or share this with others who might have suggestions. I’ll update this post accordingly.

  1. Blockchain Tokens

As Ethereum and other general purpose decentralized platforms grow in functionality and popularity we’ll see more and more Blockchain Tokens that fuel a new set of DApps for professionals and consumers.

2. Developer and miner tools

With the growing popularity of DApps and cryptocurrencies, tools to assist both developers and miners to do their part more efficiently within the ecosystem will be important. This encompasses both software and hardware tools.

3. Content

As more and more people enter the space from various angles — consumers, businesses, investors, etc., more high quality information about the ecosystem will be created and sought out.

4. Regulation

With any sector that directly involves money, regulation is usually not far behind. Various regulatory measures have already been taken by countries around the globe and more are likely to come.

5. Services

As more and more different groups enter the Crypto space, various services will be required for them. This includes PR, legal, marketing and other related services.

6. Traditional consumer/business facing apps

Though DApps will grow in popularity, there are some services where traditional applications will still be more efficient. There will be a new set of apps that will be needed to interface with the Crypto world.

7. Talent

All these new DApps and cryptocurrencies can’t be built, mined and marketed by themselves (yet). A broad range of talent will be needed to support the ecosystem.

8. Energy

Mining these various cryptoassets requires a considerable amount of energy. Cheap, efficient solutions will be essential.

9. Security

With various new digital assets and DApps, security will be extremely important. This includes the encryption of data on the blockchain, secure digital wallets, security for Crypto companies and personnel, and more.

10. Investors

When any sector that shows solid growth potential, investors are bound to be near. This has already come in the form of angel and VC investors but also via ICO investments, hedge funds and in the future larger, more traditional institutional funds.

This should cover the largest areas to grow from the increased popularity of Crypto. That said, growth in these areas will cause additional consequences both on the up and downside for related sectors.

I hope this structure is helpful as you analyze the space for opportunities. It has definitely assisted my thinking. As mentioned, if I missed any major areas or got something wrong, please let me know in the comments below. I plan to update the post accordingly.

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