What I learned from retraining myself to breathe through the nose

I’m a sleep geek. Like many who are caught up in the personal development and biohacking craze, I have read, listened to, and I tried nearly every trick in the book — a dark room, eight-plus hours of sleep, exercise, decreased caffeine, a better bed, specialized sleep music, meditation, no alarm. Yawn!

Even though getting to sleep was never a problem for me, no matter what I did, I’d often wake up feeling tired, anxious, and riddled with aches and pains. Sadly, I even started to think these issues were normal.

Then, a little over a year ago, I listened…

A practical guide to creating an iconic brand

The packaging of Newman’s Own’s microwave popcorn
The packaging of Newman’s Own’s microwave popcorn

A week before Christmas in 1980, the famous Western actor Paul Newman and his close friend A.E. Hotchner were hanging out together drinking beers in Paul’s barn in Westport, CT. While the place was no longer in use, the odor of the idle barn and horses remained.

As the two men enjoyed a few laughs together, they were brewing a huge batch of salad dressing inside an old bathtub. With nothing to stir this enormous vat of dressing, Newman grabbed a canoe paddle that was sitting around the shed! …

The 5 Pivotal Forces

“That was a fun ride, but what happened? Great product. Team. But where were the users?”

I asked my business partner as we discussed where we went wrong with our company.

The app startup space was red hot when we launched SALT. Facebook purchased Instagram for a billion dollars and Whatsapp for nearly $20B not too long earlier.

The truth is, by 2014, I had already missed the boat for building a mobile app like SALT. Unfortunately, I was a giddy founder too mesmerized by these acquisitions and solving a “personal itch” to see this writing on the wall.


Three learnable skills, when combined create massive results.

“Steve was the most remarkably focused person I have ever met in my life”
-Jony Ive (former Chief Design Officer at Apple)

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. They let go of 3,000 employees and were said to be 90 days away from closing.

When you think about Apple today, this story is hard to believe. With Steve Job’s leadership, Apple quickly turned the ship around, guiding the company to its current renaissance.

While he brought many skills to the table, his ability to focus was critical in the company’s…

Win your morning and you’ll win your day.

If you think about it, to attain a “happy life,” all you need are happy days.

And the best chance of having a happy day is to start it in a good mood.

It is like warming up to play a sport or instrument. It is more difficult to play your best when you start cold, but with a little preparation you can shine. Similarly, it is wise to start the day in a good mood so you can perform your best all day and gracefully tackle any hurdles.

“If you win the morning, you win the day.” …

With a little prep we can be more focused while meditating.

If you have trouble calming your mind down while meditating, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

As someone who meditates twice a day for two hours, I can empathize. Even to this day, it can be hard for me sometimes. That said, I have tried MANY tricks to help calm my mind before meditating.

Below I have shared my favorite tips to try before meditating to help you get the most from your practice. …


Technique, tools, F&Qs and much more.

With this week being mental health awareness week and especially now with COVID-19, meditating from home can be a powerful tool to deal with social isolation, relationship issues, anxiety related to the virus, and other concerns.

As someone who meditates daily for two hours and put in over 1000 hours during 2019/20, I understand the power of meditation and practicing from home. While learning to meditate can be challenging, I have laid out everything you need to know on how to meditate at home. From A-Zen!


It’s ideal to be in a comfortable, calm space to meditate. Avoid loud or…

The less talked about, bitter part of meditation

When people talk about meditation, they generally focus on the calm and peace that meditation brings into their lives.

While I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, after seeing the peace and happiness that has come into my own life, I also know there is a “darker” part to meditation that many people don’t talk about.

To be clear, this isn’t a piece hating on meditation. Simply my effort to share a perspective, from personal experience, that is missing in the greater conversation on meditation that I’m sure many will resonate with.

The bitter

From my…

I had hard work, but what I was missing was patience.

The idea that “patience is a virtue” is outdated.

I know that perspective well. My own journey has continuously tested my patience. Especially these days when it can feel like we have failed if we don’t have a successful startup, aren’t on Forbes 30 under 30 list, or we don’t have $100K in our bank account.

But then I realized why I’m rushing! Instead of trying to chase creating the next Instagram tomorrow, if instead I focused on patiently but persistently giving my best, in time I’d certainly achieve my goals. …

Unless you have been living in a cave and have only come out to listen to this week’s episode of MeditateYear, you’ve heard about the whole coronavirus situation that’s occurring around the world. Don’t worry I’m not here to provide any news updates or stats. Rather I thought I share some less known information on how meditation can help keep us physically healthy. While meditation is linked to improving mental health, there is solid evidence indicating that meditation can help the body fight all types of infections, including potentially the coronavirus.


Vivek George

A happiness researcher and guide. If I can help, check out — mindhomenyc.com or email me at vivek.m.george@gmail.com.

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