Today’s Sunrise

For My Techno Love Mafia

I just got home from the beach on my amazing new bike! good!

While these feelings of love and gratitude are at their peak I wanted to try to capture in words what it feels like.

I feel like boundless energy. Endless.
That life, in every breath. In every step…

What I learned from retraining myself to breathe through the nose

Illustration: Shutterstock by y.s.graphicart

I’m a sleep geek. Like many who are caught up in the personal development and biohacking craze, I have read, listened to, and I tried nearly every trick in the book — a dark room, eight-plus hours of sleep, exercise, decreased caffeine, a better bed, specialized sleep music, meditation, no…

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Technique, tools, F&Qs and much more.

With this week being mental health awareness week and especially now with COVID-19, meditating from home can be a powerful tool to deal with social isolation, relationship issues, anxiety related to the virus, and other concerns.

As someone who meditates daily for two hours and put in over 1000 hours…

Vivek George

Futurist. Chief catalyst and founding member of The Sustainable CO-OP Store. Know thyself.

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